No one wants a wet basement or crawl space. Water will not only damage your home’s foundation but can also destroy your precious belongings and cause mold and mildew to form, which can affect the health of your family and pets. Installing drain tile, a helpful piping system that collects water around your foundation and moves it away from your house, may be the solution you need to keep your basement moisture-free.

Water Mains

If your water pressure has suddenly lessened or you’ve seen water in your crawl space or basement, there may be an issue with your water line, that all-important pipe that brings water from the city system into your Burnaby home. Though water lines are generally sturdy, they can sustain damage at times or may just simply wear out. This can cause leaks that will affect your water pressure or even cause flooding. Groundhog Excavating can diagnose the problem quickly with our up-to-date technology and get the water moving again.

Sewer Pipes

Sinks backed up? Toilets not flushing properly? If you’ve tried all the usual solutions to these problems and still can’t get things moving, you may have a problem with your sewer line. Whether it’s a serious clog or a break in the line, our experts can detect the problem using our video-equipped diagnostic system, which can reach those hard-to-see spots in your sewer pipes. Whether you need a quick repair or a replacement of your system, we’ll get the job done pronto.

Driveway & Trench Drains

Garages and carports are for the safe storage of your vehicles and other items, but when water gets in the way, costly damage can occur. If your driveway slopes towards your garage, water may be collecting inside it. Installing a driveway drain or trench in front of your carport or garage can be a simple, low-cost solution to flooding because it collects the water before it gets inside, eliminating standing water and the formation of mold or mildew.

Foundation Leaks

The diagnosis of a cracked foundation can be a scary proposition for homeowners! Often, cracks mean water in your basement, causing damage and loss of personal property. But, at Groundhog Excavating, we have the solutions! Our experts can locate the crack, determine the best way to fix it, and then provide you with options for waterproofing that foundation, which can eliminate future problems with moisture.

Pipe & Sump Cleaning

While the drain tile around your house can keep the water out of your basement or crawl space, it occasionally requires maintenance. Leaves, trash, or other debris can make its way in and cause a clog or interruption of water flow through the system. That’s when it’s time for the experts at Groundhog Excavating to use their innovative Hydrovac to clean your pipe or sump pump system. The Hydrovac’s two-step process loosens debris and then flushes clogs so that your system continues to run efficiently.

Camera Investigation

We want to diagnose your water or drainage problem correctly the first time! So, when we can’t see the problem with our eyes, we call for a little extra help! Our high-definition video camera system keeps the guesswork out of diagnostics and helps us make an accurate assessment of your problem. Thanks to 200 feet of flexible cable, we can locate problems in hard-to-see places in your lines or pipes and make the right recommendations for repair or replacement.

Sump Pumps

Sometimes, homeowners need to find ways to draw water and waste from low-lying perimeter drains or sewer lines into those crucial discharge lines that connect with the city sewer system. That’s when we recommend the installation of a sump pump, which can aid in that process. As experts in sump pumps, we offer a variety of options as well as prompt installation, all at a price you can afford.


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